• Becky Hodgkin

Yau Lok MGoi - next stop - London!

A selection of my Hong Kong prints are currently being displayed at the Steamroom, in East London. They support UK artists who are inspired by South East Asia, and I am so excited for my work to be seen alongside some great HK artists.

Historically a dry cleaners, they have expanded to now support local events, and exhibit asian inspired work. They have some great t-shirts that are actually funny, and as soon as I saw their Instagram page I was so intrigued by them and what they do. It's also been a great way to discover other Hong Kong artists based in the UK!

Below is a selection of the work they sell on their website, including my minibus print!

I was so excited to speak to Tony and arrange for my work to be displayed in the front of their premises for 6 weeks.

To read the story behind the range, click here, and to see the full Hong Kong Streets range, click here.

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