• Becky Hodgkin

Why I'd Recommend Decorating your Nursery BEFORE the Baby Arrives

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

So I've got a confession to make.. As a person who thinks about wall art and nursery decor alot of the time... It's taken me almost 9 months to finally print and frame my little babas nursery prints! Shame on me!!

I would highly recommend getting the artwork printed (and hiding them if necessary) and framing once the baby's born. Otherwise you'll end up like me! Life gets in the way. I also had to take down my blackout curtains to take this photo. Which isn't something I would like to be doing too often. But I'm so glad I've FINALLY finished my baby's nursery.

Artwork features from the 'Wild Child' range, artwork that I specifically designed with Jacob's nursery in mind. The nursery is a box room so we had to be so careful with what furniture we chose. We wanted to have a full size cotbed from the start as we needed to make sure it fit! Considering Jacob was in his own bed from around 5 months, it was the right decision as he grew out of his 'next2me' crib pretty fast.

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