• Becky Hodgkin

Revamping my Dotty Range for a Rustic Boho Nursery

As part of a custom project, I revisited some of my dotty range in order to create a bespoke trio of prints featuring a new colour scheme and a simplified letter design. Changing the colour scheme to existing artwork always gives it new life and a new vibe, and I love to personalise the items depending on the customers vision and personality! You can see the original Dotty range here which is full of teals and mustard yellows.

During the second round of amends, they asked to simplify the t for teddy which originally looked like the below:

I was more than happy to do that and this simpler version was what we ended up settling on. And if anything, I prefer the simpler one! It's why I think customer feedback is so important, as you can often create something together that I might not have come up with on my own.

This was so fun to create, and I'm so excited for the customer to receive their prints!

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