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Reflecting on my 2020 Goals

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

6 months ago I set out my goals for the end of the year, have a look back at those here.

I identified 4 targets centred around growth:

  1. Grown my email marketing lists (to reach 100 contacts) by sending out monthly emails - you can recieve 10% off your first order if you join my email list!

  2. developed new products to reach my goal of 100 listings for my shop and therefore grow my reach within Etsy

  3. Increase followers on social media - Instagram specifically - to reach 1000

  4. Increase number of sales through Etsy, to reach 100

Now this is so interesting to look back on because although some of these targets are still relevant, so many of them have grown into something else entirely.

1. Growing email list: Okay I admit, I have put no effort into this goal. I am almost unsure of what I would be saying to people in an email, and I don't want to send an email just for the sake of it. I want to offer something of value, and I'm still working through what that could be. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment!

2. I am now selling artwork directly through my own website which I am so excited about. Therefore a goal of 100 listings on Etsy (I have 70 listings + 5 on my website so I'm going to call that 75!). So okay I didn't meet my target there however I do believe that you reach a threshold on Etsy where quality is better than quantity. So I have been focusing on fewer, more detailed and higher value items.

3. Increase followers on Social Media. I ran 3 competitions this year which really boosted my followers. I would have loved to hit 1000 before the end of the year (there is still time!) but I am also proud of my growth. I found a sweet spot in Paid SM advertising and I am thinking about how I can tap into new markets.

4. Increase sales to 100 on Etsy. Now that I sell on platforms other than Etsy, this specific metric is less relevant but I definitely did not reach this target. However, I have started to sell wholesale, I have had some amazing conversations about collaborations and I am thinking about shifting my business to focus on illustration as a whole, as opposed to nursery prints. I have had lots of interest in my Hong Kong range that I think I need to explore general illustrations some more. I will still keep my nursery section but I think I will increase my offering, without diluting my style!

I have had some fantastic freelance opportunities this year. I produced Christmas Cards, expanded into physical print, expanded my product range and doubled my IG followers. When I think to where I was 6 months ago, I hadn't even returned to work yet. I almost can't remember what that was like as my whole life is now consumed in my working routine! I am now moving teams and handling more responsibility at work. I couldn't be happier.

So I am now going to have a really good think about what I want out of 2021, I have more confidence to take risks as I feel my organic growth this year has been great for me. I want to have a relaxing break over Christmas, and hit 2021 head on.

I've since spoken about the targets I hit (and didn't hit) on an IGTV over on my instagram channel if you fancy hearing me rabbit on about things here.

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