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Rebrand: LantaoLife

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I was over the moon when my friend (and also my cousin) Amy, asked me whether I could rebrand her side business, LantaoLife. It's a lifestyle brand that covers a wide range of creative projects from up-cycling driftwood, woodwork and more recently, children's tie-dye clothing.

Amy, her husband and little boy relocated from Hong Kong Island to Lantao last year and I love to follow along with their adventures via her Instagram page. Her recent venture into tie-dye is exciting to watch and she has her first market later this month.

LantaoLife had an existing brand, laid back natural and organic vibe and we wanted to continue that theme. Amy creates all of her content on her phone while on the ferry to and from work so we needed to make sure that process was still possible after the rebrand.

Below are some of the initial ideas we went through, following themes of organic colours and natural lines.

We both agree that the first concept, 'Circle Waves' was the strongest and the most flexible for online and in print applications. We developed the colour scheme further to include some additional earthy tones and some instagram highlight covers too.

The branding package included a logo, colour scheme, instagram page design, sticker designs and an A6 notecard.

Amy launched the rebrand last week alongside a competition to win a tie-dye tshirt for your little one. The competition finished a couple days ago but you can still follow along her adventures here.

I can't wait to see what's next for LantaoLife and I'm so excited I got to be a part of the journey!

If you are interested in a rebrand for your small business focusing on Social Media - please get in touch.

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