• Becky Hodgkin

Moving illustrations inspired by one of HK best photographers

Instagram is a funny place. Where else can you share a famous photographers image and comment that you'd love to draw one of their photos.. only for them to reply and ask why not?

That's what happened to me, when I shared one of Victor Cheng's photos on my Instagram stories. If you are not familiar with Victor, you'll be familiar with his work. He client list is one of dreams, working with global brands such as Google, Apple and Cathay Pacific. I am drawn to the contrast, graphic shapes, and colour of his work.

My illustrations are based on Unsplash images to allow for free rights for me to use. This was the first time I drew someone's specific work, and had their feedback!

So I wanted to experiment with not filling the whole page with colour, and to contrast between line work and colour. I also had an idea to animate the tram, to help it trundle around the track. Below are my 2 outcomes, which were VeeCee approved.

It's really sparked my creativity and allowed me to begin to broaden my scope and push my illustrative horizons. The animation element was fun, and I am in fact looking at another custom illustrative project in the near future.

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