• Becky Hodgkin

Flash Sale & My 30th Birthday Blues

If there is one thing I know for sure, I definitely won’t be in Paris next weekend for my 30th birthday like I always imagined I would be. I’ve never been, and I really wanted to go on the Eurostar, and eat cheese and drink wine for a weekend. Exploring the city, relying on my husband's GCSE French to get us around (what could possibly go wrong?) and probably my babies first international trip. It would have been chaotic, stressful, yet incredibly memorable and the best 30th birthday adventure ever.

Unfortunately the world had other plans. Jacob doesn't even have a passport yet so I think deep down we knew this was going to happen. So I’ve decided to give myself a good reason to look forward to this disappointment of a day and do something special that is within lockdown allowances!

To celebrate my crazy pandemic 30th birthday this year, I have decided to launch my first FLASH SALE next weekend from the 19th - 21 February. This is a super short sale (3 days) where you can access a mega discount code. In order to get this code, you will need to subscribe to my very sparse (once a month) email communications summarising my latest projects and news. By subscribing to my email marketing comms, you support my business, and to thank you for that, I will give you a giant chunk off your next purchase. You can use this coupon as many times as you like within the 3 day celebratory weekend (19-21 February). This coupon will not be shared publicly, so it's only for you special people!

Saying goodbye to my 20s is hard. I kind of get it now when my mum tells me she still feels 21. I still feel young! But I have so much more freedom and confidence than I did 10 years ago. It's funny, my boyfriend (now husband), along with my friends, threw me a surprise 21st that was probably the best birthday ever. And it's sad thinking that I won't be able to top that (yet). 10 years ago my life was a mess. In a good way, but I didn't have anything figured out. And now I feel like I do. I have direction, goals, a full-time job which I love, a growing family and a all around very happy life. I would have loved to been able to toast to that in style, and to step back and really appreciate what I've got. I will have to do that from home, and make it feel special in our own small way.

So what am I actually doing for my birthday? I don't know really. I've left it to my husband (no pressure hun) but I imagine it will involve some nice food, a couple of zoom calls, and I heard that Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway starts again so we will probably watch that. I'm happy to defer all celebrations for next year, when the pandemic is (hopefully) a distant memory.

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