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Home Kong

It's been 9 years since I lived in Hong Kong, and even though it's been that long I still find it coming up in everyday conversations, thoughts and stories.

It's hard to convey the energy the city has unless you've been there yourself, and I wanted to create a piece that eluded to the ever changing landscape, and constant development of the city. Even when I go back now, I ask myself is this the same Hong Kong I left 9 years ago? So many things have changed but yes, it's heart is still the same.

In high school, I remember my art teacher telling me to take advantage of the surroundings and to really acknowledge the environment I was in. It was so difficult for me as a 17 year old, who has never lived anywhere else, to truly take a step back and see what was in front of me.

Leaving Hong Kong gave me that perspective to appreciate where I was and how lucky I was to grow up there. It has mapped my outlook on life and my desire for success.

I've got many photography projects archived that I feel like I should dig up and dive back into what I found inspiring at the time. Maybe I'll find a new project in there!

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