• Becky Hodgkin

Behind the Print: Star Ferry

I've been using the Star Ferry for as long as I can remember. For me, it's the best way to cross the harbour and see the city. It's an all sensory experience, the wind, the salty smells (not always pleasant) from the harbour and the views depending on what time of day you travel, is something that I remember with nostalgia. I hope that one day I can share with my little boy as I know he'd love it.

Creating this print was really fun - it tackles my evolving feelings about drawing the sky and the sea (something I don't naturally feel confident about). I also think a small part of me has been avoiding drawing the Hong Kong skyline because its such an iconic view, and an immense amount of pressure in my eyes. So it was good for me to begin to dabble in the Hong Kong skyline in the background of this illustration.

The print is available to buy individually in a range of sizes: A4, A3 and A2. It is also included within my 2022 calendar.

It's not the first time I've drawn the star ferry, ive drawn it indivually available to buy as a sticker. You can also download my Star Ferry phone background for free on my freebees page!

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