• Becky Hodgkin

Adding Personalised Finishes to my Art Prints

I have always been a fan of new hobbies. I have shined object syndrome when it comes to art supplies. It means I have a very large collection of different things that I don't use as often as I should! Some of these include a full hoop embroidery kit (from when I wanted to embroider t-shirts), oil pastels, a Lino printing kit, canvas' and different types of paint, watercolour sets, paper flower making kits (from when I wanted to make the flowers for my own wedding).

First discovery - it's really hard to sew paper without creasing the prints. After I realised that was taking too long, I used the seam ripper to pre-punch my holes, and then used complimentary thread to add accents to my Roath Lakeside print. I was attracted to the limey-green tones and wanted to exaggerate those as you can see from the close ups.

So overall it was more subtle than I thought. I could have used more contrasting threads, and I don't know whether they would display correctly in all frames (so they wouldn't press and spread if they are framed too tightly).

I'm so glad I explored it because I like how they turned out. I often think about an idea like this for a long time and knowing myself, the only way to move on is to try it out! Yes that is my little cat Cindy who curled up beside me while I worked.

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