• Becky Hodgkin

5 tips for attending a wedding with a newborn

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

I attended my first wedding with my baby and my husband in December of 2019, when Jacob was just 11 weeks old. I was so nervous, we tried to meticulously plan for every eventuality. We brought SO much stuff with us. It was if we were going for a week rather than just one night.

1️⃣ Pay for convenience - pay whatever it costs (trust me, it's worth it) to stay at the venue with the wedding party. It means you can keep all of your stuff there, disappear when your Baba has a meltdown and change their clothes (and yours) when needed.

2️⃣ Bring a change of clothes - we brought 4 'cute' outfits for Jacob to wear. He was in a habit at this age (11 weeks) of leaking through his nappy. Consider temperature - the wedding was in December so I needed cool clothes for inside and layers to add for outside! I also had nice comfortable clothes on hand just in case he was sick on me. I didn't need to change my clothes but I definitely changed into comfy shoes after a few hours!

3️⃣ Take advantage of your friends - Hey, you want to hold me baby for a photo for the gram? Take him! And then get a drink /eat the canapé / have a wee. Let your friends hold your little one so you get a break.

4️⃣ Have an escape route planned for the big moments - I know my friends would never have judged if Jacob got upset during a key moment but I was so nervous about Jacob crying as the bride walked down the aisle. Sit at the side or near the back of the ceremony where you can quickly slip away if needed, without barging the bride as she's walking down the aisle!

5️⃣ Plan your day - schedule nap times, feeding and bed time before you get there, as it's so easy for time to slip away. If you are juggling the Baba between you and your partner, it's easy to forget what time you did something. My husband and I take it in turns; for this wedding we agreed I would be the time keeper so we both knew who was responsible for Jacobs schedule. We also pre-agreed who would put the Baba to bed so there were no last minute disagreements. I still got a few glasses of wine and Jacob slept straight through.

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