I take commissions for custom art pieces from wall art, books, wedding invitations and illustrations.. Below are a couple examples of commission based projects and collaborations.



inside 2.jpg

My personalised, unique commissions are very popular as gifts for birthdays or Christmas. 


I create my custom wall art based on photographs and or a mood board. My artwork is vector based so it is scaleable.  this will mean that you can print the artwork at any size. This is relevant for from A4 up to A2.

Single Photograph / element: £50 + Printing + Postage

Collage of 2 photographs / elements: £80 + Printing + Postage

Any artwork that is going to be printed larger than A2, or any collage of more than 2 elements will need a bespoke price so please get in touch for a more accurate estimate. I can only have 3 commission based projects going on at one point so it's important to get in touch to find out about my schedule ahead of time. Especially if it's for a special date - birthday, anniversary, Christmas.

I tell from a photograph whether it is going to translate well in my style. Generally I love to work with architecture, photos with strong contrasts and complex focus points. I also create many animal and family based illustrations. I calculate my prices based on my hourly rate.